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Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes to Smoke like Never Before

The Joystick Company are at the forefront of the electronic cigarette industry in Australia – not only do our products bring a new pleasure to your social experiences, but they are designed to be enjoyed and shared by all.

Hand-held, light, and conveniently pocket sized, the Joystick Rechargeable E Cig is ready to vape wherever you are.

Safe to use, e cigs help you stop smoking harmful tobacco

E cigs are designed without the harmful toxins that are associated with traditional methods of smoking. So, you can vape safe in the knowledge that you are not inhaling tar, tobacco, nicotine or other harmful toxins. Our product contains a small battery-powered element, which heats the e liquid in the cartridge to produce water vapour.

Enjoy a cleaner, rechargeable alternative to traditional cigarettes

Rechargeable e cigs do not fall under the same legal rulings as traditional cigarettes – as such, they can be enjoyed in your favourite bar or club. Choose from our range of Starter Kits & 5-Pack Cartridges. What flavour will you choose today?

  • - Tobacco: best alternative for your tobacco craving.
  • - Menthol: a pleasant burst of freshness

Vapour sticks have been designed solely for your enjoyment. Purchase a rechargeable electronic cigarette online and experience the fun of vaping different flavoured cartridges that last up to 300 puffs.

Browse our catalogue today!

Take control of your smoking habit with a rechargeable electronic cigarette. Smoke whenever, and wherever you choose, and be safe in the knowledge that you are improving your own health and that of others.

When you buy rechargeable e cigs online, you can enjoy a world of flavours and variations, to ensure that each and every vape is an enjoyable sensation. Browse our extensive catalogue today and find the vaping device to suit you.  

Speak to us today and find out more

Discover more about our complete range of products and how they offer a better alternative to smoking tobacco. Call our team on (03) 9972 2961 and we will be happy to answer your questions and queries. Alternatively, leave your details in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.